Sunday, 2 May 2010

The "Official" Launch of Two Family Sites

The time has come, after many wee small hours working on the sites, to tell everyone about them! So here they are:

Horswill Family Photos

er... it's about photos! Lots of photos, lots of relatives, lots of ways to see them and lots of nagging by me in order to get hold of them in the first place.

Look around. Tell the family! Sign up for our newsletter HERE and you'll know when new photo albums are uploaded.

Horswill and Hills Family Tree

The clue is in the name ... Our family tree site is on My Heritage. The domain goes to it so it's easy to tell your family.

Please become a member if you are a Horswill or Hills or their relations. You can just look or you can join in and add what you know to the tree. Obviously we would love you to do that. Everyone has bits of knowledge that no-one else has.

Confused about how the family tree site works? Go to this page.

Lastly in this long list of links, we have a group on Facebook HERE.

I hope you enjoy the sites and will keep an eye on them as they develop. Please ask if you have any questions.

Now to get on with my business website. What's a bank holiday weekend?

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