Monday, 19 April 2010

Permanent Tagging - what's that?

Tags are the clever things that enable you to find hundreds of photos of whoever all at once. If you click on the "Betty Horswill" tag in Flickr (more on Flickr later) you will get a whole lot of photos of my Mum ;-) The problem is someone has to add these tags to the photos in the first place. So when I add photos to Flickr I type in the tags. Even if you do this for the whole album it takes forever.

I now have the ACDSee Photo Manager which enables me to add tags that stay with the photo forever. (It adds the tag tothe image XMP file for the geeks reading this ....) So no matter where I upload the photos or whichever computer they're on the tag will still be there. You can download a free trial of this software HERE.

There's are two small downsides to this

1) It's no good me putting the tag "Dad" on a photo with this method because if you download that photo to your own computer and you're using tags my Dad is going to come up instead of your Dad which could be a tad confusing. We're going to have to have some tagging protocols like using the full name or a name by which we know them for photo purposes. For example Nan Hills will be Lizzie Hills, my Dad will get the tag John Horswill and other John Horswills will need a middle name. My Dad didn't have a middle name and anyway it's my ball so I set the tags! I'll put a list on the main site of the tags being used.

Much more on this later. Oh yes there is another downside:

2) I need to retag everything in Flickr which essentially means starting again with that and there is the small matter of work to be done this month.

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