Saturday 29 May 2010

Dad's 70th Birthday Party 30 July 1995

The photos of this party are not too good. I'll be cleaning them up and rescanning them shortly. In the meantime I see plenty of cameras in the pictures so it would be good to have everyone else's photos of this brilliant day.

Here's a Smilebox album for you:

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Friday 28 May 2010

The "Membership" Problem

There's no getting around it - peeps need to join various sites in order to share info and photos. Flickr is a great way to share photos but trying to explain how to join and then get into our albums is a pain. If you'd like to do it the info is HERE.

The best method I've found is the My Family sites. These are private sites which allow you to upload FULL size photos. Remember - you can make Sharon cry if you send her less that full resolution photos. There are also other features like the full Ancestry family trees on there and blogs if you want to play with them. You can even change how the site looks for your personal profile. No, you don't need to write an essay about yourself. Just your name will be fine - pic if you want to put one on there.

Like Flickr, there's a tag "cloud" so you can pull up all the photos of Nan etc, or at least you will be able to do that once we have the photos and tags on there!

The site are here:

We have separate sites so we don't bore you with relatives you've never heard of and also so we get double the monthly upload limit. The limit is huge so don't worry about using too much. If you do we just wait until next month, no problem.

Joint family occasions will be on both but feel free to join both group sites. Once you've done that you will find them both in "Family Groups" on the toolbar at the top when you log in to your My Family account so you only need to log in once. You can also copy albums from one group site to another. You have to redo your tags though. Nothing is perfect!

Thursday 13 May 2010

Did you know .....?

On our Horswill and Hills Families My Heritage site you can

1) Add people to the family tree
2) Edit information on the family tree
3) Change your profile photo if you don't like the one I've given you;-)
4) Check which celebrity you look like
5) Print your family tree in lots of different ways
6) See the tree in modern or classic view (button bottom right)
7) Join in discussions
8) Add articles
9) View the timeline
10)Post events
11)Invite other members
12)Add photos *

* I'm going to pay for unlimited storage as soon as funds allow - ie as soon as I can get some work done and get paid for it - so please reduce resolution to 800 for now. (The system reduces the photo you see anyway so anything higher is a waste. This is NOT the best site for downloading photos - we have other sites for that. This is for adding photos and having fun with them) You can then go nuts and make good use of the "face cloud" that detects who is with you in family photos.

... and much more! Did you see the slideshow at the bottom of the home page? Go to photos and you can see several different kinds of slideshows. Hours of amusement!

Please join in and let other members of the family know about it.

Sunday 2 May 2010

The "Official" Launch of Two Family Sites

The time has come, after many wee small hours working on the sites, to tell everyone about them! So here they are:

Horswill Family Photos

er... it's about photos! Lots of photos, lots of relatives, lots of ways to see them and lots of nagging by me in order to get hold of them in the first place.

Look around. Tell the family! Sign up for our newsletter HERE and you'll know when new photo albums are uploaded.

Horswill and Hills Family Tree

The clue is in the name ... Our family tree site is on My Heritage. The domain goes to it so it's easy to tell your family.

Please become a member if you are a Horswill or Hills or their relations. You can just look or you can join in and add what you know to the tree. Obviously we would love you to do that. Everyone has bits of knowledge that no-one else has.

Confused about how the family tree site works? Go to this page.

Lastly in this long list of links, we have a group on Facebook HERE.

I hope you enjoy the sites and will keep an eye on them as they develop. Please ask if you have any questions.

Now to get on with my business website. What's a bank holiday weekend?