Thursday, 13 May 2010

Did you know .....?

On our Horswill and Hills Families My Heritage site you can

1) Add people to the family tree
2) Edit information on the family tree
3) Change your profile photo if you don't like the one I've given you;-)
4) Check which celebrity you look like
5) Print your family tree in lots of different ways
6) See the tree in modern or classic view (button bottom right)
7) Join in discussions
8) Add articles
9) View the timeline
10)Post events
11)Invite other members
12)Add photos *

* I'm going to pay for unlimited storage as soon as funds allow - ie as soon as I can get some work done and get paid for it - so please reduce resolution to 800 for now. (The system reduces the photo you see anyway so anything higher is a waste. This is NOT the best site for downloading photos - we have other sites for that. This is for adding photos and having fun with them) You can then go nuts and make good use of the "face cloud" that detects who is with you in family photos.

... and much more! Did you see the slideshow at the bottom of the home page? Go to photos and you can see several different kinds of slideshows. Hours of amusement!

Please join in and let other members of the family know about it.

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