Thursday 3 January 2013

We have a new website!

I moved our Horswill Family website to Weebly. It's a great system and you can have free accounts on it forever but I upgraded for a few more features. Note the cool slideshow on the home page. The other pages have a different header and it all coordinates with this blog. Oh, yes, we also have a new blog design!

If you think you might want a website any time in the future you'd better take a look now as the price of the Pro upgrade goes up a lot in a few days. CLICK HERE for details.

I changed the name of the site to The Horswill Family to make our various sites/domains/urls more consistent. It still includes ALL our various connected families! The following domains now go to the site (if they don't, try again in a day or two. I only just changed the forwarding and sometimes it takes a while to propagate):

Please pass the word along about the new website!

The Easiest Way to Create a Website.

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