Friday 24 February 2012

Latest Additions - Tidder, Hipson and Wise Families

I finally got round to scanning mother-in-law Maureen's huge box of old photos - and in includes some really old ones. Below is Florence Elizabeth Faunch, Maureen's grandmother. She married twice and Maureen is descended from her second husband. Florence has several photos on our My Heritage site now. You can go to Family Tree and search for her and all her photos will come up. The excellent restoration job was done by Mac from the Family History and Photography group on Facebook:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The box included a lot of the Hipson family (Maureen's Mum's side) and you can see several albums of them too. Go to Photos then look down the album list on the left for Tidder Family and Hipson-Clack Family. The photos are tagged, where possible, with the relevant names so they show up on the tree.

Speaking of photos on trees, you can download any photos for your own use BUT you must not put them on any online tree on Ancestry, My Heritage or elsewhere. If you do then impolite people will indiscriminately copy them all over the internet. We paid a LOT of money for the premium and private My Heritage site so that this doesn't happen. You'll see that I've now made this a condition of your membership of the site. You need to be careful if you are confirming Smart Matches into another tree that you then REMOVE our photos from yours.

On to more interesting stuff. My second cousin, David Williams, has done a huge amount of work on the Williams side and we've now worked out that the enigmatic Bess, she of the 1875 photo who looks so much like Mum, was in fact Mary Ann Wise, who married a Bradley then married Stephen Joyce. You can now find her in the correct place in the tree (My Heritage and Ancestry). If you know the Hills family you can go to Nan and follow the tree upwards. Just click on anyone's name to show their branch of the tree.

Using the marriage banns records I found Mary Ann (Bess)'s parents too. She lied about her age for the first marriage! Mary Ann's children took the Joyce surname when she married Stephen Joyce (well, before that ...) so I'd thought they were his children from his first marriage.

Here's the lookalike photo of Mum and Bess, her great grandmother.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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