Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Site Progress

I've been busily loading albums on to Flickr. If you get what Flickr is all about add my accounts as a contact to see them:

Arcadian Scrapbooks

If not, there will be notes about Flickr shortly. I'm trying to do a fancy thing with screenshots to show you all how it works and that takes forever. The albums so far are mainly weddings and anniversaries and some very old photos plus the usual test rabbits who get in there!

The Photo Log section of the site now has a live link to Photobox albums HERE. Although Flickr is more useful for this project a lot of people use Photobox for printing so we will have albums on both systems. Photobox are the cheapest and have the biggest choice of print sizes including square prints for the scrapbookers. I have nearly 6000 photos on Photobox but don't worry, I'm not going to link to them all! Please let me have your email address if you would like an invitation to Photobox with 50 free prints ;-)

There are SmileBox slideshows and scrapbooks under construction too. See post below for the latest one.

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